Cities of the United States, a list of the best cities in America by different criteria

Cities of the United States, a list of the best cities in America by different criteria

Going for a permanent residence in the United States, everyone wonders which city to choose. There are over 270 cities in America. And such a large number, on the one hand, gives a rich choice, and on the other hand, makes this choice very difficult. Therefore, we offer to look at the best cities in the United States on the basis of the “most-most.”

The most expensive city in the USA

One of the largest megacities in the world, the cultural and financial center of America, New York is considered to be the most expensive city in the United States. If funds allow you, then no doubt this city is worth striving for! New York is the largest American metropolis in terms of population, the largest center of business, world culture, and the entertainment industry. It has a great many museums, theaters and art galleries, so many interesting and fascinating places are not found anywhere else in America.

New York City

Cities of the United States, a list of the best cities in America by different criteria
The whitest city in the USA

Recently, an increasing number of foreign immigrants, due to increased racist attacks by blacks, prefer to settle in cities with the smallest number of African-Americans among local residents. According to statistics, the most “white” city in the US is Billings, Montana. In addition, Billings is located in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains on all sides. A calm, small town, Billings is primarily famous for a variety of outdoor activities: hiking, hunting and fishing, windsurfing, water skiing and canoeing.

80% of Americans consider Seattle, Washington to be America’s safest city. Being a major seaport on the Pacific coast, a cluster of well-known world-famous corporations, Seattle has a huge number of jobs. The high level of education and medicine makes this city very attractive for residents and visitors to the United States. The mild maritime climate, cultural and sports activities, despite expensive real estate, make Seattle one of the immigrants’ favorite cities.

Seattle city

The most beautiful city in the USA

Chicago, Illinois, is the third largest city in the United States and the largest transportation hub in the north of the country. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, in the Great Lakes region, Chicago has a large number of park areas, a chic coastline. The city is ideal for hiking, which fully allow you to enjoy the beauty and originality of each district of the city. Chicago is famous throughout the country for its unsurpassed unique architecture, unmatched cuisine and many opportunities for leisure and recreation – hundreds of theaters and art galleries, museums, first-class shops and fashion boutiques, restaurants and shopping centers.

city ​​of chicago

The cleanest city in the USA

The most environmentally friendly cities in America were recognized as San Diego and San Francisco, California. Located on the west coast of the United States, both of these cities are famous and popular tourist destinations. In addition, banking is well developed in the regions, many high-tech industries, multinational companies, medical and biotechnological research centers are concentrated, which gives immigrants a high chance of employment. A large Russian-speaking community lives in San Francisco and its suburbs. And in San Diego, due to its proximity to Mexico, they are quite tolerant of all visitors to foreigners.

city ​​of san francisco

The best U.S. city in terms of quality of life

According to numerous surveys conducted among Americans and the world community, the best city in the United States in terms of quality of life is considered Pittsburgh, PA. Today, the city has the most developed industries such as healthcare, finance, education, tourism and high-tech industries. Pittsburgh, with enviable constancy, occupies a high position in the lists of American cities that are most suitable for life. The reason for this is the relatively low cost of living in the city, the low crime rate and well-developed conditions for getting a job, raising children and spending active leisure and recreation.

Pittsburgh city

We hope that this list of cities in the United States will help you get your idea of ​​life in different American cities and make a choice in favor of living in one of them.