Making your website from scratch sometimes seems an impossible task, especially for a beginner. But is it really so? Of course, it is possible to make the simplest site even for an Amateur in this business, but everything is not as easy as it looks at first glance.

The first thing you need to know to make a website yourself is the basic programming languages HTML and CSS. Next, in order to make beautiful animations on the site and additional functionality you need to learn JavaScript. You will have to review a lot of video lessons, maybe even sign up for courses in programming.

There is another option: to make a site on the CMS-platform WordPress, but still need to learn two basic languages HTML, CSS and PHP language basics. Plus, it is good to study the functionality of this CMS and the plugins that are used in it. All this takes, nerves, time and money (as in the case of courses).
Why WordPress? This CMS-platform is the most powerful among other CMS, the majority of sites (more than 60%) are created with the help of this system.

The advantages of WordPress are:

Works fast, takes up little space
Has a large number of templates
It has built-in functions that in other CMS require additional settings, such as commenting with very broad capabilities.

Retransmits tags (tags) from Chinese to Latin so that search engines on the link exchange correctly index pages with tags, such as links

In WordPress automatically add the appropriate menu items after you create a new publication in the appropriate section.

It is not difficult to promote the site in search engines such as Google and Yandex

And of course a very convenient page for site administration

Among other advantages of this CMS-platform is also easy to configure widgets (blocks), menus, built-in HTML page editor, creating advertising blocks and menus by simply moving them with the mouse to the right place, automatic updates of all plugins, themes of the WordPress system itself.

It should also be noted: on WordPress, you can make a website for free yourself, which favorably distinguishes this platform from others. But if you want Your site to have additional features and be properly configured and optimized, if You do not have time to learn programming languages, then of course it will be better to order the development of the site and its design from specialists.

The price on the website

Can start from $ 500 and up to several thousand us dollars. However, you do not need to be afraid of the price because if you have a website for business, it will constantly attract a huge number of customers, and if for entertainment, then You will still be able to earn on it from visits and advertising.

It is worth telling what determines the price of the website. First, from its complexity: the easier technically the site, the cheaper it is. Second, its design. There are sites whose design is more than 80% of the total cost. Typically, this is a design ranging from button icons to a logo. However, the more unique the design the higher in search engines will be Your web resource. Also an important component of the price is the functionality of the web resource.

Special attention should be paid to the texts. In order for Your site to be in the top of the search engines will need unique texts, if You want to place on the site a high-quality title text, the text of the pages, You should hire a specially trained person. And this is a separate item of expenditure. The price of the site depends on other equally important points. For example, the qualification of a specialist, SEO optimization, the number of pages of the site, etc.

We hope that this knowledge will help you to create your first website easily, quickly and without problems.