How to save in the US and what is customary to save?

How to save in the US and what is customary to save?

How to save in the US and what is customary to save
America is certainly a land of opportunity. Here lives a huge number of millionaires, and any average American is much wealthier than the average Russian. But, at the same time, Americans are surprisingly Thrifty people who know the price of every cent, and want to be sure to save it. Saving in the US is absolutely normal. Moreover, the inhabitants of the country not only open new life hacks in the field of thrift, but also happy to share them with family and friends.

What is customary to save in the US?

 Life, as you know, consists of a variety of areas, including work, home, family, cultural entertainment. And in each of them you can find ways how much and how to save per month.
 Rental property. To this sector of life has not become the most expensive, it is necessary to look at the apartments away from the center and tourist areas. In 2019, the same quality of housing is not on the ocean, and in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of the city can be cheaper by $ 500-1000 per month. Furniture. Apartments in the United States are empty. A quick way to furnish them is offered by garage sales. After wandering through different parts of the city, quite possible to stumble upon such an action, and to purchase furniture and equipment for pennies. Often the thing can get and gift, if the owners just intend to free up space in the house.
Food. One of the important items of the family budget is the purchase of products. For trips to the store should stock up on special coupons, which for a particular product is guaranteed a discount. Very popular in 2019 are shops with a wide range of products, the price of which does not exceed one dollar. Also, Americans are well aware that a grocery set purchased in the middle of the week or at the end of the month, will cost less than the same, but purchased at another time. Saving on food allows you to refuse to go for lunch in a cafe or restaurant. Americans have long ceased to buy coffee to take away in a cafe network Starbucks and prefer to drink it at home.
Gasoline. Saving on fuel is not difficult. You need to choose a gas station with the lowest cost of gasoline, and in addition to get a discount card.
Transport. In a big city you can do without a personal car, making a choice in the direction of public transport. Save, in this case, helps the ticket. In 2019, it can be used to reduce the cost of transport services several times. The first trip will cost the full price, and each subsequent will be several times cheaper.
Mobile communication. You can save on the phone. If you negotiate with friends or family members, and combine multiple numbers into one account at a common rate, conversations will cost much cheaper.
Entertainments. In the United States do not necessarily spend a lot of money at your own leisure. You can successfully save and to develop culturally at the same time. Each Museum announces free access to its own exhibitions on a certain day and time. You can find out about the actions on the websites of these institutions. In addition, cultural entertainment can be organized by visiting the nearest Park, library, cafes and open-air concerts.

What is customary to save in the US? Cent every dollar saves

The American way of life presupposes thrift. Residents of the country can afford a lot, but happy to save on small things. Even between relatives decided to pay every penny of it. In the US, do not approve of Russian chic, preferring a simple style of clothing, used cars and picnics in the nearest Park.
 The only thing Americans do not save on is medicine. Every citizen seeks to obtain insurance, because the treatment in this country is very expensive. However, there are ways to reduce the cost of maintenance. If there is no insurance, you should contact hospitals for low-income citizens. By declaring a low level of income, they can get a quality service for free. However, this method is not fast, because the reception of a specialist will have to wait from one to several months.
 Americans are taught from childhood to love and respect money, so each of them knows many ways how to buy a cheap grocery set or organize free entertainment. However, this does not mean that they do not like to sit with friends in a cafe or go with the family only to the Park. Saving for Americans is more of a hobby and a healthy look at things. Therefore, the Russians who moved to permanent residence, it is useful to adopt some of the habits of their new citizens.