Rufer. Who are rufer and what they do

Who are rufer and what they do

Many thrill-seekers come up with more and more new activities. Such fans include rufer – people who prefer walking on the streets and in parks, walking on the roofs of multi-storey buildings.

But who are the roofers? We will discuss this in detail today.

Who are rufer and what they do

This name came to us from English, where the word “roof” is translated into Russian as “roof”. What do rufer, can be attributed to extreme activities.

Many of us have been on the roofs of buildings, but few can walk on the edge or climb even more dangerous cornices and ledges. This case is for rufer.

Craving for everything dangerous and extreme mainly occurs in adolescents who with their bravery gain credibility with friends and representatives of the opposite sex. Someone conquers the roofs of skyscrapers, just to taste the beauty of the beautiful views, and for some roofs are truly a favorite place for leisure.

Rufer can be divided into two categories. Namely:

Roofers, for whom the conquest of the roofs of tall buildings is just a hobby. In this way this category of roofers just having fun;
The second category of roofers, for whom this occupation is more extreme sport than a regular walk.
Roofers first category without fanaticism for a walk on the roofs, while the second seek to penetrate to where the common man is almost impossible to get. Here, of course, can not do without extreme.

Without any disputes, rufing can be called a youth direction, a kind of subculture. These young people prefer to move everywhere and in any direction, which is typical of teenage maximalism. You can also select several types of rufing.


The first type can be attributed to rufing, which involves harmless climbing on the roofs and other elements with which a person gets to the roof. These elements include – drainpipes and all kinds of fire escapes. Also, this type of roofing involves accelerated movement on the roofs, as well as jumping from one building to another, if the distance allows. People who are engaged in such a rufing, prefer to get on the roof still the usual way, and this kind of rufing can be called – “quiet»;
The second type can be attributed to rufing, which involves the organization on the roofs of all kinds of events. It can be crowded picnics, and different musical parties. Often such events cause dissatisfaction of residents of the upper floors, which sometimes can not do without law enforcement.

This type of rufing can be called – “art-rufing»;
Larger-scale activities organized by the roofers on the roof, and it’s crowded and the festivities associated with the marriage, and any kind of mass photo session – can be called a “wedding-luffingham”.

Such roofers are not confused – neither danger, nor the dissatisfaction of the residents. For them, the main thing – the fullness of sensations, the euphoria of freedom;
The next type of rooting can include activities that are associated with any “event”, that is, an event, a holiday. The list of these activities is quite large, and this type of rufing is called – “event-ruffing»;
This type of roofing involves all kinds of business events on the roof. Like the originality of the event sometimes allows the business to conduct very successful negotiations. Such business meetings in unusual conditions, and this, for example, the roofs of historical buildings, will contribute to the successful course of negotiations and other partnership agreements.
Also, this type of roofing allows to hold different corporate events and meetings on the “elite” roofs. This type is called – “business-rooting”.


If a person decided to engage in rufing, he must follow certain rules. The rufer have certain laws that should not be violated. Basically, these laws are aimed at improving the safety of the rufer, and to comply with certain rules of conduct that allow rufer not so acutely irritate the public.

The vast majority of rufer try not to gather in large groups, as a large number of people immediately arouses suspicion. For high-altitude walks you need to choose the right clothes that will be comfortable in movement and its colors will not attract attention.

Also reputable roofer will never go to stroll on the roof in a drunken state. The drinking rufer – are not welcome. That in itself is an extreme occupation and that needs to be addressed with sober mind.

The roofers decided to rely on their own strength. Rufer prefer to move on reliable and proven ledges, and do not trust any kind of suspicious cornices and air communications. Rufer try not to hold each other at the time of high-altitude walks, and try to stay at home on rainy days.

As tenants are roofers?

Many residents are not even aware of the existence of rufer, as many experienced lovers of high-altitude walks are very careful about the tranquility of the inhabitants of the houses, and try as quietly and accurately as possible to penetrate the roof and stay there.

Experienced rufer try not to break the locks and not to hen attic doors. Experienced roofers protect the property of residents and try not to disturb them. But not always everything goes smoothly.

Sometimes still vigilant residents call the guards, when they hear something suspicious. But this is right, especially in our difficult times. Vigilance – above all.

Experienced roofers will never allow himself any negligence towards the residents of the house. They never leave behind a mountain of garbage, do not drink alcohol on the roof, and of course – do not make noise.

Recommendations of experienced

The most important recommendations of experienced rufer include:

Do sports to rufer’s physical form was at the proper level;
Always remain calm in any situation;
Always correctly assess their capabilities and possible consequences;
In our age of the Internet – do not be lazy and acquire all the necessary knowledge, learn the intricacies of the “profession”, to share experiences.


Who is rufer – we found out in this review. But I want to add that the ropery is a truly bold and romantic people who always dream to be on top…

Rufer always been fascinated by height. For someone the roof is a place for solitude and walks, and for someone – a place to talk to yourself. Someone likes to make beautiful photos at height and then share them with friends.

And someone just looks at the evening city from a bird’s-eye view and silently realizes that he is a real rufer. Rufer is a lifestyle, and this style is not available to everyone.